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Haitian Communities of Minnesota: Background
Haitian Communities of Minnesota was founded in 2010 to support Haitian-Americans
living in Minnesota and Haitian citizens in Haiti struggling in the aftermath of the devastating
earthquake that hit the island nation that year. Its founder and President, Rose Gbadamassi,
wanted to create an organization that would offer sustainable support to some families in Haiti
while promoting the institution of the family in Minnesota.
From its beginning, the organization had the vision to practically assist families by
providing immigration and citizenship assistance, child care, food distribution, and translation
services. The group also desires to design and implement educational programs to better the
lives of the people in the community. Finally, the group seeks to provide sustainable aid to the
Haitian community by working through tried and true methods known to native Haitians.
To support Haitians in Haiti, Haitian Communities of Minnesota is in the process of
implementing its sustainable aid program by assisting several families in Cabaret, Haiti. The
program has already supplied seven families with a pair of goats each; the families are to raise
the goats until they have a pair with which they can continue to support themselves, at which
time they return the original goats to the group that the group can then transfer to another family
to repeat the process.
To support families in Minnesota, Haitian Communities of Minnesota is raising
awareness about the strains on Haiti and the strains on the community here that have resulted
from the devastating earthquake of 2010. The group will appear on a radio broadcast in July
2012 designed to achieve that purpose. The group also currently seeks to establish ways to
implement its vision for assisting local families with educational needs, food needs, citizenship
and immigration needs, and other family needs.
While the mission of Haitian Communities of Minnesota is to provide aid to Haiti,
Haitians, and Haitian-Americans, the group seeks to unite people in the Twin Cities around its
vision. To that end, native-born Haitians, native-born Americans, and members of several other
races and nationalities—white, black, and people in between—all serve the group’s common
purpose as Board members.

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